Remastering has become a powerful buzzword in the music industry. It generally suggests an enhancement to the sound quality of an existing recording (frequently designed to encourage people to buy a new version of something they already own).

For many clients, my remastering services have given their older releases a new life and allowed them to reconnect with their fan base by offering a higher quality version of previously released recordings.

Bring new energy and new fans to classic recordings

Great care needs to be taken during the remastering process to keep the feel of the original recordings true to what their audience has come to know and love. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to bring some new vibrancy to recordings that may not have had the benefits of world-class mastering equipment and engineering experience.

I have also remastered many releases from rare vinyl record sources for digital and CD releases. In this way, my clients expand their catalog of music for new and old fans, alike.

Custom package pricing is available. Contact me for more details.


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“Michael, thanks for making it sound so good!”

~ Julie Cain, “Picture Show”

“Thank you again and again and again!”

~ Edwin Camacho (Disney Records) for The Ethers, “The Ethers”

“Thanks for all your tireless help making this thing.”

~ Year Of The Dragon, “Five Fingers Of Def”

“Michael, thanks you made it sound great.”

~ Susan Surftone, “Shore”