My studio is located in the music capitol of the world: Los Angeles. Whether your final product is vinyl, CD, or digital release, by working with Lotus Mastering, you will have in hand a radio-ready, professional master to match the best in the industry.

World-class audio mastering services

I use a custom-designed analog and digital hardware chain and precision monitoring to bring out a timeless clarity and warmth in my clients’ final song mixes.

Every piece of gear in the mastering signal path has been hand-picked and modified for the highest in sonic fidelity, all the way down to the cables.

I’ve designed a simple and direct signal chain to let the music deliver as much emotion and clarity as possible.

I am continually upgrading equipment, so equipment list is subject to change.


Exakte ML-6 Speakers (design and build by Grammy-nominated, super-genius Ken Goerres)
Yamaha NS-10 (modified)

Digital Conversion

Universal Audio 2192 Converters AD/DA
Apogee PSX-100 AD/DA


Sony cassette player
Sony CD Player
Sony MD Player/Recorder
Panasonic DVD-A Audio Player


Parasound A23 Power Amp
Adcom GFA-535 Power Amp

DAW’s and Recorders

Sonic Studio (mastering/editing)
Digidesign Pro Tools (playback)

Digital Processing (Hardware)

Weiss EQ1 MKII Equalizer
Junger DO1 Dynamics Processor
Waves L2 Ultramaximizer Limiter

Analog Processing (Hardware)

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Manley Vari-Mu Limiter/Compressor

Digital Processing (Software, Plug-ins)

Waves Mercury Bundle
Digidesign BNR Standard LE
Digidesign Hybrid
Digidesign Music Production Toolkit
Digidesign Smack LE

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“Michael, thanks for making it sound so good!”

~ Julie Cain, “Picture Show”

“Thank you again and again and again!”

~ Edwin Camacho (Disney Records) for The Ethers, “The Ethers”

“Thanks for all your tireless help making this thing.”

~ Year Of The Dragon, “Five Fingers Of Def”

“Michael, thanks you made it sound great.”

~ Susan Surftone, “Shore”