Music has a deep effect on me — always has. I suppose I’m not alone, but I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to help other musicians get the absolute best sound from their time-consuming, painstaking, emotion-laden recordings. It’s my goal to help that music connect with as many people as possible.

I have mastered thousands of songs and hundreds of major-release record projects. I’ve logged over 15,000 hours of mastering experience with major label and indie artists. I worked and trained at Warner Bros Mastering Studios for almost a decade, and have been mastering audio for more than 12 years.

It’s definitely exciting to know my work gets played on the radio or downloaded from iTunes every day. I feel I’m contributing in my own way to the honored connection between fan and music.

I welcome you to get in touch to see how I can help out your musical projects.

Michael Hateley


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“Michael, thanks for making it sound so good!”

~ Julie Cain, “Picture Show”

“Thank you again and again and again!”

~ Edwin Camacho (Disney Records) for The Ethers, “The Ethers”

“Thanks for all your tireless help making this thing.”

~ Year Of The Dragon, “Five Fingers Of Def”

“Michael, thanks you made it sound great.”

~ Susan Surftone, “Shore”